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  • The Smart Store solution enhances food safety and brings down the energy bill by integrated and smart control of refrigeration, HVAC, lighting and other applications, connecting and optimizing your supermarket from case to cloud. Every day, we are dedicated to make our solutions just a little smarter.


  • Smart Powerpack Solutions

    Danfoss Smart Store offers optimum pack control integrating variable speed drives and options for heat recovery. When choosing Danfoss you get a one-stop-shop for complete pack control for systems of any size and refrigerant.

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    Smart Grid Integration

    Flexibility in cooling demand, connection to district heating/cooling networks and use of surplus compressor capacity are some of the exciting new opportunities that can make your store an energy supplier, adding valuable capacity to the energy network and new revenue streams to your business.

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    Smart Evaporator Solutions

    Optimized control of cold cases and freezers without compromising food safety can save up to 33 % on the energy bill. No two store concepts are the same, but with the wide range of control products from Danfoss, you achieve the required flexibility to configure the most reliable and energy efficient solution for every store in your chain.

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    Smart Integration of Refrigeration, HVAC & Lighting

    Integrated control of refrigeration, HVAC and light saves complexity and operational costs. Integrated control unlocks the full potential of each application and increases the efficiency of the entire system.

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    Smart Use of Data

    In the pool of new opportunities arising from the use of big data, Danfoss Smart Store is constantly developed to leverage the possibilities. When seen over a ten year period, the operating costs of the electrical appliances account for 90 % of the total life cycle costs. In other words, it pays off to use big data to monitor, manage and operate your systems for maximum efficiency.

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    Smart Service & Support

    Before committing to your next solution, you should consult with Danfoss to get the most reliable, safe, energy and cost efficient solution. We call it Smart Store. At Danfoss, we build our business on trust and integrity. In everything we do from product design to delivery and service, we stand by you, ready to respond to your needs and always keeping our promises.

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