AK-PC 651 Capacity Controller

  • FR-AK-PC-651-new
  • AK-PC 651 is used for state-of-the-art pack control in large HFC refrigeration systems with up to 10 compressors. AK-PC 651 can be used for most compressor types and brands, including variable speed and digital scroll. 

    AK-PC 651 completes the Danfoss mid-range pack controller series, comprising AK-PC 351 for small packs (link) and AK-PC 551 for medium packs (link). The AK-PC 651 provides high energy efficiency with functions for heat reclaim, load shedding, floating pressure, and night settings. 

    AK-PC 651 is extremely robust, easy and intuitive to operate and ensures up-time and maximumfood safety under all operating conditions.

    AK-PC 651 is easy to configure and operate on-site or in the factory due to its graphic interface and programming tool.


  • What's in it for You?

    • Advanced control of large packs with up to 10 compressor outputs 
    • Optimized control algorithms and factory settings 
    • Energy saving features, including heat reclaim, load shedding, night setting and floating pressure 
    • Graphical user interface with Wizard Setup 
    • Further optimization through ADAP-KOOL® system integration 

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