Optyma™ Plus New Generation

  • Optyma plus™ condensing units - Danfoss
  • Higher Efficiency, Faster Installation, Lower Sound

    Its Performances Will Raise Yours to the Top

    With its long-life compressor, acoustic insulation and intelligent fan speed reduction during low capacity operation, the Optyma™ Plus New Generation condensing units are so smooth and quiet your customers will not even notice it’s there.

    A highly optimised Micro Channel Heat Exchanger also contributes to considerable energy savings, making the Optyma™ Plus New Generation condensing units up to 20% more economical than an equivalent product offering and that’s a sales argument your customers will notice.

    Experience up to 20% energy savings from day one!

    Change For The Better

    Contact your local Danfoss wholesaler today and learn why your business can gain from working with one of the world’s leading suppliers to the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry.


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