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    Reduced energy consumption while minimizing the environmental impact is the main points heat pump customers are looking for today. To help you take advantage of these current trends and get most business out of this behavioural change in your market, we have introduced the Danfoss HHP Scroll – designed specifically with you and your customers' contemporary needs in mind.

    Higher energy savings with lower environmental impact
    A new heat pump system fitted with a Heat Pump Scroll compressor is the perfect solution to meet today’s high expectations of highly energy efficient products – especially for the renovation sector. This compressor has been specifically designed for heat pump applications with all the important features in mind.

    Energy savings count for your customers
    With its reed valve design to optimize yearly energy efficiency and heat pump optimized scroll set, the Heat Pump Scroll compressor outperforms the competition.
    Optimized efficiency gives you the competitive edge in total customer savings

    Low sound, high comfort
    Your customers expect the maximum comfort from their new heat pump system. The Heat Pump Scroll compressor is 2dBA quieter than competing compressors, reducing the sound level by almost half in real terms. With quiet start up and operating sound there are no more “bumps in the night” for your discerning customers.

    Lower sound levels improve customers’ overall comfort experience

    Improve your solution’s capacities in extreme conditions
    The Heat Pump Scroll compressor has an extended operating envelope. This means that your customers’ heat pumps will still be highly efficient when the outdoor temperature is below -20°C. Your customers will be able to save energy by reducing the use of supplementary heating source.

    Extended efficiency envelope gives customer savings even under extreme conditions


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