Philippines: AEJ Multicompressor System Ltd. Co. says ‘Yes!’ to Danfoss’ combi tandem solution in 14 stores

AEJ Philippines – Danfoss successfully installed 14 sets of combi tandem compressors in 14 stores belonging to AEJ Multicompressor System Ltd. Co. This retrofitting project was initiated based on client’s needs to remove semi-hermetic compressors in hope to improve productivity, lessening maintenance costs, and moving towards green movement.

- Friday, 22 December 2017 By Danfoss Cooling

The Client

AEJ Multicompressor System Ltd. Co. is founded to give alternatives to local supermarkets, 15 cold room and cold storage owners / operators in purchasing locally produced / assembled multicompressor sets for chillers, freezers, and air-conditioning machinery.

AEJ designs two or more compressors, coupled together for chiller / freezer set or combine chiller and freezer (Satellite, Combi Tandem™, Combi System™) in one system, using common suction, discharge, liquid receiver, and hot gas defrost line.

Their reputable customers include the following:

  • SM Supermarket - 4 stores
  • SM Hypermarket - 1 store
  • SM Save More Supermarket - 4 stores
  • Puregold Supermarket - 70 stores
  • Puregold Price Club - 70 stores
  • Puregold Junior Supermarket - 50 stores
  • Walter Mart Supermartket - 4 stores (2 sets installed)
  • Super 8 Supermarket - 1 store (2 sets installed)
  • All Days Supermarket - 1 store (2 sets installed)
  • Rustan Shopwise Supermarket - 4 stores (2 sets installed)
  • Rustan Fresh Supermarket - 2 stores (2 sets installed)
  • Alpha Land Supermarket - 1 store (2 sets installed)
  • Gaisano Malls Supermarket - 1 store (2 sets installed)
  • Citimall Supermarket - 1 store
  • Tropical Foods - 1 store
  • Citimart Supermarket - 1 store
  • Fit Mart - 1 store

Their Challenges/Needs

Previously, AEJ were using semi-hermetic compressors for all their stores. As such, dedicated rack compressor for Chiller and Freezer was required for this system. Exhaust blower was a necessity for their machine rooms because semi-hermetic compressors emit hot air and produce high sound level. They also faced challenges on the system troubleshooting and repairs due to complicated controls of semi-hermetic compressors. In addition to that, repairing of the compressors can be very expensive as parts are limited and based on availability. When this happens, the down time for the faulty semi hermetic compressors will remain for 1 – 2 weeks which could lead to a loss to their business operations. The approximate life span of the compressors is less than 3 years and it will start to show problems.

Our Solution


Combi Tandem Combi Tandem System that successfully replaces semi-hermetic compressors.

Danfoss Philippines team proposed a simple refrigeration system solution for both Freezer and Chiller applications – the Combi Tandem system where two compressors coupled together, can be used as Chiller, Freezer or Chiller and Freezer cooling system. This system requires lesser maintenance as compared to semi-hermetic compressors. The cost of investment is much lower as it focuses on the complementing refrigeration capacity. Exhaust blower is no longer required for the machine room because this solution does not emit hot temperatures. Most importantly, the Combi Tandem system uses HFC’s Environmental Refrigerants and uses hot gas defrost system technology which helps to lower energy consumption and promotes green practice.







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