Kudos To Top 20 Winners Out of 2017 Danfoss Learning Contest

2017 Danfoss Learning Contest-1 Top 3 winners' pictures out of contest. Left photo:Jim Chen, Sales Manager, Danfoss Cooling Taiwan gave award to champion, David Lin.Top Middle photo:Arifin Simson, Assistant Marketing Manager,Danfoss Cooling Indonesia gave award to winner Bernadus Billi Anggara. Bottom photo: Jim Chen, Sales Manager, Danfoss Cooling Taiwan gave award to winner Fred Li.

- Tuesday, 28 November 2017 By Danfoss Cooling

Danfoss Cooling in the Asia Pacific region published the top 20 winner's list in early October for "2017 Danfoss Learning Best Learners Contest". David Lin from Taiwan became the Best Learner Champion with 171 completed courses.

The competition was fierce as external learners from 11 countries in the Asia Pacific region battled each other during the six-month contest period (April 1 to September 30). More than 1,000 courses were completed in the six months of the competition. Thanks to Kunal Pental, Sales Manager Pacific, Indirect Channel, who encouraged our wholesaler partners to participate actively in the contest. Australia learners snapped up 14 out of 20 winners in the contest. 


2017 Danfoss Learning Contest-2

Top photo for Airefrig Australia: Mathias Karrer received certificate from Kunal Pental, Sales Manager Pacific, Indirect Channel (left). John Creighton (middle), Patrick Paulus(right).
Bottom photo for Beijer Ref Australia (from left to right): Kunal Pental from Danfoss with Marven Harm, Cameron Chamberlain, John McCarrey, Nicola Knudsen and Brett Gale from Beijer.

"We offer our congratulations to the top 20 learners who have won incredible prizes prepared by Danfoss Cooling APR. We thank all learners who have participated in the contest and applaud them for dedicating time and energy to educating and improving themselves," says Prrudy Wong, Regional Marketing Communications Manager, APR.

"The purpose of the Best Learners Contest was to encourage wholesalers and their employees to get more knowledge about Danfoss products so that they can understand the products better, sell more products, and solve technical issues themselves," she adds.

The feedback that we have received from the participants in the Best Learners Contest reveals that customers benefited a lot from Danfoss Learning. It helps to improve their knowledge level and work efficiency in daily life.

"Danfoss Learning is an excellent learning platform that provides professional knowledge related to Danfoss products, application, how to select etc. It's very helpful for sales promotion and faster response on customers' inquiries." - David Lin, Taiwan

"The general cold room module and heat load selector both increased my understanding of refrigeration systems and assisted in greater learning when doing heat loads for customers." - Cameron Chamberlain, Australia

"I work at a Refrigeration & Air-conditioning wholesaler, and Danfoss learning made it easier for me to help customers and to understand how the individual parts work together in a system." - Mathias Karrer, Australia

Danfoss Learning Cloud went live in September 2017. The new platform is expected to improve user experience including:

  • New streamlined interface for easier navigation and a more enjoyable experience
  • Mobile app for convenient access 
  • Better search functionality 
  • New webinar offerings for more interactive learning

Continue improving your knowledge with Danfoss Learning at www.learning.danfoss.com.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.


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