Monthly Leaderboard for August 2017

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  • Danfoss Cooling APR is pleased to announce the latest update to top 20 Best Learners for August now. We've given our Top 10 performers special recognition by placing them in the Top 10 image, which will be shared on our social channels, placed on our website, and sent out on our email list. You can find the ranking of remaining learners in the table below.


  • Position Learners Name Country
    11 Jason Pearce Australia
    12 John Creighton Australia
    13 성탁이 South Korea
    14 Tom Sampson Australia
    15 J.T Yeh Taiwan
    16 Thinh Pham Vietnam
    17 Joseph Loh Singapore
    18 Liang Piow Wong Singapore
    19 Jun Xia Australia
    20 Adrian Alcantara Philippines
  • The competition will be fierce as learners from 11 countries in Asia Pacific battle each other from April 1 to September 30.So far, it’s been five months since we launched the campaign.

    Hurry up! There is only one month away before the contest is finished, and anyone can emerge as the winner to win the prizes. Enter the exciting contest now, Danfoss has prepared great prizes waiting for you.

    Sign up immediately and start learning to win. 

    Please feel to contact us if you need any further information.


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